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The Ninth District PTA serves units and councils in the greater San Diego area.

If you have a question, issue or problem, please fill out a new ticket (big blue button above) and let me know how I can help. This approach will generally be more effective than a phone call due to my work schedule, but if your need is urgent, or if you would prefer to talk through an issue, please feel free to call me at 858-829-2456. I usually try to reply to all submissions or return calls within 24 hours.

You may also submit questions and issues via email at: helpdesk @ parliamentarypro . com as well.

Bruce Bergman, Ninth District Parliamentarian

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Self-service Bylaws Status

Use the status tracker below to find out where your bylaws are in the review and approval process.

This report only shows active and in-process bylaws in the past six months. Completed or closed bylaws will not be shown.

Most of the columns in this report should be self-explanatory, but the status and dates may not be as obvious.
There is a legend and explanation of all columns at the bottom of this page.


0.5 - Expecting - These are bylaws that are either known to be en-route to Ninth District, or - because of a change in status, revision, or new unit formation - are expected to be received with changes.

2.0 - Received and reviewing - This means that the bylaws are in the possession of the Ninth District Parliamentarian, and are being reviewed or awaiting review. Once approved, they will be sent to CAPTA for final review and approval. This step usually takes 15-20 days at most.

3.0 - Approved - send to CAPTA - The bylaws were approved by the Ninth District, and are awaiting transit to Sacramento where the CAPTA Parliamentarian will review them.

3.2 - Rejected - send back to unit - The submitted bylaws were incomplete, or attempts to reach the contact person for revision have been unsuccessful. Generally, we will reach out to the person listed in the contact information to obtain missing information, or work with the unit to correct or clarify any concerns. If we are unable to reach anyone, or there is no reply in a timely manner, the bylaws may be rejected and sent back to the unit.

3.4 - Hold for missing information - There is either missing information for the submission (cover sheet not included, change sheet missing, Council Parliamentarian didn't review it, $4.00 fee missing, etc.) or there are questions that prevent approval at this time. The Ninth District Parliamentarian will reach out to the person listed in the contact information to obtain the missing information and continue the review process.

4.0 - In transit at CAPTA - Bylaws are in transit to Sacramento, or under review by the CAPTA Parliamentarian, or on their way back to the Ninth District. This step usually takes 30-45 days depending on CAPTA workload and time of year. Once bylaws have been sent to CAPTA, we lose visibility to their status until they are returned to the District.

5.0 - Received and processing - The bylaws have been returned to the Ninth District Parliamentarian and are being reviewed (in case action is needed, or there are issues) and prepared to send back to the Council, and then to the Unit. This step usually takes 5-7 days at most.

6.0 - Processed and returning - The bylaws have been processed and are in transit back to the Council, and then to the Unit.

Next Action / Action Details:

This is the expected next step along the process, based on the current status. Also, if there are any notes or details about these bylaws, they would be listed in the "Action Details" column. If bylaws are rejected, you will usually see a reason listed in this column.


Date Council Reviewed - The date the approved bylaws were signed by the Council Parliamentarian.

Date District Received - The date that the bylaws were received at the Ninth District office.

Date We Reviewed - The date that the bylaws were received by the Ninth District Parliamentarian.

Date We Sent To CAPTA - The date the approved bylaws were signed by the Ninth District Parliamentarian, and sent on to the CAPTA Parliamentarian for final review and approval.

Date CAPTA Signed - The date that the approved bylaws were signed by the CAPTA Parliamentarian.

Date We Returned to Unit - The date that the approved bylaws were returned, and are being reviewed for final actions, before being returned to the Council, and then to the Unit.